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We Developed AI Projects with the Best in Industry and Academia

Discover AI Solutions with Impact

We use advanced AI and a people-first approach to empower, elevate, and pioneer next-generation solutions for the impact markets we, and our partners champion.

Generative AI

Harnessing advanced models to produce original content, designs, and ideas, revolutionizing creativity across industries.

Predictive AI

Utilizing data-driven models to forecast trends, optimize strategies, personalize experiences and drive informed decision-making for businesses.

AI Strategy

Tailored guidance and implementation strategies to leverage artificial intelligence for business growth and competitive advantage.

Real AI Experts You Can Trust

Our leadership team has authored 40+ commercial A.I. patents and trained over 200 A.I. Ph.D. students.  They have partnered on AI projects with Amazon, Loblaw, Ford Motors, the University of Waterloo and many more

Chief AI & Technology Officer

Dr. Shady Shehata

Chief Scientist

Dr. Fakhri Karray

Chief Executive


> We’re Unleashing the Power of A.I.

Predictive AI + Generative AI = Next-Generation Applications

The combination of predictive AI and generative AI unleashes a new realm of possibilities and exponential innovation. Predictive AI harnesses historical data and patterns to predict future outcomes, enabling businesses to anticipate and make proactive decisions. Generative AI goes beyond prediction and creates new content, such as images, text, and music.


This synergistic approach enables creative problem-solving, novel product development, and the exploration of uncharted territories.

> We're Leaders in Predictive and Advanced A.I. 

Predictive and advanced AI methods are revolutionizing industries - especially when combined  generative AI models.

Organizations can unlock valuable insights, optimize processes, and drive informed decision-making by leveraging machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced AI techniques. Predictive AI methods enable businesses to anticipate customer behaviour, identify market trends, mitigate risks, and optimize resource allocation. Embracing these methods opens doors to increased efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage, shaping a future where data-driven intelligence is vital.

What Makes Us Different

> We're are Real A.I. Experts You Can Trust.

Many claim to be A.I. experts -
we are experts.


Our team is trusted by the best in academia and technology, authored 40+ commercial A.I. patents and trained over 200 A.I. Ph.D. students.

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