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Smart'n now includes NurseGPT

NurseGPT is like ChatGPT, but tailored for nurses and responses are personalized to each user.

Smart'n helps nursing students pass in less time with less stress

Predict Success

Nurses use SmartCLEX, which accurarely predicts how likely a nurse will pass their certification exams.

Save Time

Smart'n identifies what a students knows, and needs to know to master a specific topic.  So they spend more time studying what they need to know, and less time studying what they already know.

Assess Strengths

Smart'n indentifies strengths, weaknesses and provides recommendations on what they need to study to be successful.

Personalized & Adaptive

Powered by predictive AI,  Smart'n provides personalized and adaptive learning for each nursing student.

Immediate and intelligent support for nurses 

Smart'n is driven by its mission to make it easier to be a nurse.

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