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Smart’n is a smarter, more personalized support platform for overwhelmed and time-constrained nurses. Unlike other platforms, smart’n is powered by advanced AI that provides always accessible, immediate and tailored support nurses need to learn, study or do their job in less time with less stress.

Intelligent support platform for nurses

Discover Without Limits

yourikaLABS offers advisory services delivered by the world’s top A.I. experts for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence.


We help select partners to achieve their strategic objectives by leveraging our expertise, predictive models and personalized approach to transform operations, improve customer experiences, and optimize their bottom line. 

Discover A.I. Impact

YOURIKA Labs is a leading AI research and development company founded and led by some of the world's top AI experts.

We use advanced AI and a people-first approach to empower, elevate, and pioneer next-generation solutions for the impact markets we and our partners champion.

We're impacting healthcare by revolutionizing how nurses are supported via Smart'n and accelerating our partners' impact on their business by helping them embark on their AI  journey,  leverage our expertise and license our models.

Our Partners

The company is backed by the best in technology and academia, including Amazon & The University of Waterloo, who are both partners and investors.

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