YOURIKA Announces Accelerator Program for Personalized Learning

The Accelerator will make it easier and faster for companies to deliver personalized, adaptive and engaging learning experiences for the growing number of online and remote learners that are frustrated with their online learning experiences.

May 4, 2020 (WATERLOO, ON) – YOURIKA, a global leader in AI-assisted learning, announced today it is launching a Personalized Learning Accelerator for customers that want to accelerate the development of personalized and adaptive content within their online learning products.  The four-month program includes access to YOURIKA’s Discover AI platform, their personalized learning API, and world-class AI experts who will assist with integration and implementation.   The program is an easy, flexible and cost-effective option for customers that need to accelerate plans to provide personalized online learning experiences.

“With COVID-19 forcing a massive spike in demand for online and remote learning, it has also exposed that most online learning products are failing to deliver the personalized experiences that today’s learner expects,” says Rob Henderson, YOURIKA CEO and Founder.   “Through this Accelerator, we have made it easier for participating companies to obtain access to the AI tools and resources they need to accelerate their personalized learning roadmaps and provide better learning experiences to more learners.”

Established by award-winning entrepreneurs, AI industry leaders and EdTech experts, YOURIKA works with leading online learning partners to enable AI-assisted learning so they can discover new revenue, scale products, improve engagement and learning outcomes.

The Personalized Learning Accelerator includes a subscription to YOURIKA’s Discover AI platform as well as access to its personalized learning API and top  AI experts to accelerate implementation.  “The goal is to help companies improve their products before the next school year, and the next possible wave of COVID-19, in September,” said Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Shady Shehata, who is the lead architect of the platform and one of the AI experts that will assist participants. “By accessing our platform, tools, and team, we expect participants to accelerate their personalization and adaptive learning roadmaps by 12 to 24 months.”

Companies wishing to participate can reach the company through its website or via LinkedIn.  “We have the tools and know-how to integrate quickly, so all participants need to get started will be digital access to content,” added Shehata.   Space in the Accelerator is limited, and the names of participating companies will be kept private.


YOURIKA, the leader in AI-assisted learning was born from the idea that every student should be able to learn anything, anywhere, and at any time.  Our team of leading experts is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence to help online learning providers deliver and scale the real-time, personalized, and mobile-enabled learning experiences students today want and demand.

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