Solutions for online learning providers

Deliver Real-time and Personalized Learning Content at Scale

Today’s student requires on-demand learning experiences that are tailored to their speficic needs.  Integrate our ILaaS platform with your learning content to deliver experiences that your student customers want – at scale.


Intelligent Knowledge Assistants (IKA)

When students are learning something online, they are often doing it when they are alone and often have a question about the content that they are consuming.   The challenge: instructors aren’t readily available to respond to student questions or help requests.   Through an IKA, e-learning providers can ensure students questions are answered in real-time through an intelligent chatbot, ensuring they don’t disengage with the content.


Virtual AI powered Math Tutors

For online tutoring service providers that want to ensure accuracy, reduce lag, and maximize profits.  Our AI powered math tutors are intelligent chatbots that can engage with your students over messaging or through your own learning application.   Now available for most high school, university, and college level math.  Want to see an AI-powered tutor in action?  Watch a demo here.