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Smart Transcriptions for Education

Efficiently and effectively generate live transcriptions made smarter so your instructors and students can easily search, find and review content – so they save time, stress less and achieve more.


ORBITS – Students Save Time, Stress Less and Achieve More.

ORBITS is where students can study smarter, faster and together by joining a smart learning community and using smart tools that turn online lessons into organized, searchable and easily digestible video and text clips.    Check out ORBITS


Discover A.I. Learning API

Looking to make your learning product smarter?  Easily integrate our API’s to deliver more adaptive, supportive and personalized experiences for your users.



Our team of researchers, data scientists, and AI engineers are constantly pushing A.I.’s boundaries and pioneering new methodologies and approaches.  If you are looking for a partner to explore a new idea, product or concept that will transform the way we learn – we’re interested.